Caroline (UK)

I met Deborah by chance at a wild swimming event and connected with her immediately. She had a vibe about her which put me totally at ease.  

I had never tried hypnotherapy before, and was quite anxious about what it would involve, but wanted to start addressing my issues around food and so took the plunge! We had the session over zoom and  it worked really well. I needn’t have worried, Deborah guided me through step by step and I was pleasantly suprised by how natural and organic it felt.   I felt totally relaxed, but also in control and felt I could have ended the hypnosis at any time I wanted. 

The recording has become part of my everyday routine, I find it so helpful in helping me relax to sleep at night, while reinforcing the positive messages around food and control. 

Deborah has kept in contact with me throughout the months after the consultation, with no pressure for follow up sessions. 

I have found the whole experience to be very positive and would totally recommend Deborah and her services to anyone looking for help with issues around food.

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