Laurel (USA)

I had an RTT session with Deborah and she was genuinely kind and made me feel safe and comfortable. I was able to see how, when things happen to you as a small child, they seem so big and painful like they will last forever and will always be your truth. My confidence was shattered and I felt invisible. 

Deborah regressed me back and had me address these events saying “That’s not me anymore because I’m an adult now and I never need to think or feel that way again!” I felt lighter that day and after listening to the recording Deborah made for me for at least the 21 days, there have been many subtle changes in my thoughts and behaviours – my husband has even noticed!

It has been a little more than two months now and I’m feeling different. It has taken time to redirect my thinking after many years of negativity, but I truly feel more confident and I am no longer expecting perfection in the things that I do. As I look back on my early years through the eyes of an adult, I now truly understand where things went wrong. RTT is amazing! Thank you so much Deborah for holding strong for me until I understood it too. 

I will be 70 in April and after all these years of negative childlike thinking, I am finally becoming the me I have always wanted to be, I am feeling happy and feeling that “I am enough”! Deborah I will always hold you dear to my heart, you are a wonderful RTT hypnotherapist, and a new friend!

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