Lisa ( USA)

In just one RTT session Deborah assisted me with identifying and releasing many negative feelings and faulty beliefs about my past that I had carried around with me.  Prior to working with Deborah I focused more on the pain rather than the gifts to be grateful for in my life. She assisted me to accept my vulnerability with grace and dignity, embrace my strengths and gifts and allow my purpose to unfold.  Since then I have felt more empowered, I’ve been in better spirits and I continue to make great headway toward my goals. 

I now embrace the process of life and focus on the present rather than guilt of the past that I can’t change or the worries of the future that may never happen. Moreover she has assisted me to love myself fully as an imperfect being deserving to receive all that I aspire to and more Deborah immediately sets a warm, gentle, caring and supportive tone and provides a safe and reassuring environment. She is an engaged listener and responds with compassion, kindness and empathy. 

I would absolutely recommend Deborah to help you on your healing journey to achieve the life you are looking for.

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