Author name: Deborah McNeill

Anne-Marie (Australia)

Deborah, I’m so grateful to you for steering me through so many life challenges in such a safe and gentle experience Your guidance was pure and encouraging. My life is back on track. Thank you so much beautiful woman. My affirmations are strong. You led me down the amazing path to inner peace

Jo (UK)

I am so grateful to Deborah for the service she provided, communication was easy and responsive from the first time I contacted her, throughout the session and following the session.  Deborah displays excellent communication skills, she was very easy to talk to, listened effectively and was very compassionate, caring and intuitive.  The contacts with Deborah …

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My Story

Five years ago, I became very sick with chronic fatigue which forced me to completely change my life including quitting a job I loved. Since then I’ve learned so much about why I became sick, what I needed to do to get better and became grateful for the illness. It could have been something much …

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